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Welcome to a Russian dating site belonging to our net Dating and Matchmaking, Inc..

Our net has sites in 16 languages (English, German, French, Spanish,Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Greek) and users come to the site from many more countries to communicate and in search for love.

We will be happy to see you as our user if you are

Over 18 yo Search for serious relationship (marriage or relationship leading to marriage) Search for a Russian, Ukrainian or other FSU wife or a husband from USA, Europe or other country or explore this possibility.

How we differ from other dating sites

On other sites you will often be charged for each letter written to and from a lady You can sometimes pay between 300 to 1000USD per month, and still not be certain that you are communicating with real ladies. We do not charge for each letter. why? Because we are confident in the identities of our ladies and that our ladies are serious in their desire to start and build a relationship.

We offer peace of mind and security by working hard to verify all ladies before activating their profiles. Our members can then have confidence in our expertise to identify scammers, as verified by our site at In contrast to the 'free' sites, which can be unverified and unsafe.

Our psychological test will help you save time and money. Completing the test will allow you to seek and identify compatible women - meaning you will have more chance of meeting your lady in real life and of falling in love with her from the first meeting.

No fake profiles, no fake letters, no fake people and each day 200-300 new girls are added to the galleries. We do not guarantee that you will find your future wife, either tomorrow or next week as our site is not a field of wonders. Of course we have so many beautiful and wonderous Russian ladies registered with us that it would seem impossible for you to not find your future partner right here with us.

We care about your safety

We do not pay anyone to write letters to Members or engage in converstation in 'Chat'. We have real people on our site who are searching for real relationships.

The profiles of all women are activated only after they have been through multiple checks. If you are given an email address in the first letter, ask the manager to verify the identity. Do not reply to the letter until we have reported back to you, which usually occurs within 2 days.

Unlike other sites, we do not have a payment per letter system, meaning that our site Managers will not write the first or introductory ,letters to you on behalf of women members. Russian women generally prefer men to take the initiative in communications, so always try to send the first letter!

Men's profiles and photos are seen only by registered users, so be certain to place your photo on the site. Women sometimes search by appearance and want to see you before replying!

You can hide your profile and then you will be seen only by those to whom you write.

Main service

Men can have Free, Silver and Gold membership on the site.

Gold membership allows men to have unlimited communication with all women on the site.They can participate in 'If we match' game that will help them to find women who like them and whom they like easier. Men can see all psychological reports and use them when choosing suitable matches.

Silver membership allows men to communicate with women from Free and Silver galleries.

Free membership allows men to communicate with women from Free gallery and write first introductory letter to women from other galleries.

Women have free membership. They are divided into three galleries: Gold, Silver and Free gallery. A woman can communicate with a man with any membership.

All users can put their photos to the contests and participate in voting.

Our additional services
  • Flowers delivery
  • From the profile of the lady to whom you wish to send flowers, just click on 'Send a Gift'. Choose the preferred bouquet and place your order. Please contact Support if you would like to send a gift other than flowers, and tell us about the gift that you would prefer to send and the destination(the city).
  • Professional translation of your letters
  • You can order a professional translation of your letters to ladies or their letters to you. Click on the link 'Professional translation' under the letter that you want to translate.
  • Professional translation
  • Professional translation of long answers on your page to English or to Russian.
  • Personal Search
  • Personal Advisor will help you to make requests for your perfect lady, then make a list of ladies that match your criteria and whose criteria matches yours. If you approve the list, your personal advisor will contact the ladies and introduce them to you.

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Our statistics
  • 110444 men from Europe, America and other countries are searching for their brides on our site
  • 219434 ladies (all of them are cross-checked before being added to the gallery) are seeking a serious relationship on this site.
  • 140 men are currently online
  • 356 women are currently online
  • 4659 men have visited the site in the last 24 hours
  • 8418 ladies have visited the site in the last 24 hours
  • In the last 24 hours 96 new men with photos have registered and 328 new photos were uploaded by the men.
  • In the last 24 hours 139 new girls have been activated and 886 new photos were uploaded by the girls.
  • 9 men in chat
  • 27 women in chat
  • 6652 letters have been sent on the site today.
  • 62188 letters were sent on the site yesterday.

And what can tell more about our work than the result of our work Feedback

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